Counseling Services

Emotional health is a significant component of overall well-being. Are life’s challenges getting you down? Got stress? Are you struggling with managing anger? Before a concern becomes a crisis, call FSAP and schedule an appointment. Learn more about the types of services we offer:

Image for Individual Services

Individual Services

These services are for individuals who want to speak with someone about concerns that range from strategies for personal enhancement to prevention and the need for intervention as problems escalate.

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Image for Family Services

Family Services

These services are available for you to address concerns related to relationships, parenting, and/or caregiving support.

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Image for Career Development

Career Development

Are you seeking to enhance your career? FSAP offers GROUP career coaching that can steer you to a productive pathway.

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Image for Self Assessments

Self Assessments

Do you have an issue that may need to be addressed? Complete an online self-assessment service for immediate computer-generated confidential results.

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