Refresh From Stress is Back with Even More Reasons to Join!

Refresh From Stress is Back with Even More Reasons to Join!

Ready for a stress break?  Refresh From Stress: 30-day Inspiration (RFS) will be held in October with an exciting new way to participate!  RFS focuses on enhancing emotional health and well-being through fun and easy activities that help improve stress management and resilience.

Why participate?  Lots of reasons:

  • This year, RFS will be integrated with the Healthy Emory Connect platform, so you can quickly access your daily activities and experience new ways to practice self-care, mindfulness, social connections, gratitude and resilience.
  • Most activities are quick, yet can have positive, lasting health benefits. Post-program survey responses from the 2017 RFS showed:
    • 91% reported being better equipped to practice stress management;
    • 87% experienced increased emotional well-being;
    • 68% reported improved work productivity; and
    • 96% said RFS was a valuable program and would participate again.
  • RFS builds a sense of teamwork, collaboration and engagement with others.
  • You can earn points towards medical plan incentives on Healthy Emory Connect and also be eligible to win great prizes!

Need more encouragement?  Here’s what several 2017 RFS participants shared:

  • “The calendar prompted thoughtfulness and reminded me to take time for the simple things in life.”
  • “Refresh from Stress made me pause during the day and think about my stress levels, where I was holding stress in my body, etc. That is half the battle.”
  • “I now turn off all electronics before bed. Being in a quiet space is needed at times.”
  • “Just smiling and complimenting others not only makes them feel better, but even myself.”
  • “I found that on some days it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I found myself talking to people I didn't know before.”
  • “One of the most beautiful experiences Refresh from Stress provided was to get me reconnected to my old friend who was my best friend from elementary to high school.”
  • “It is so important to take care of ourselves daily, and this program underscored that by keeping self-care front of mind.
  • “Just try it, I promise it will make a difference.”

Registration opens on September 18, and the program runs October 1-30.  If you have not already joined Healthy Emory Connect, join now to be ready for the start of RFS on October 1.  RFS is sponsored by the Faculty Staff Assistance Program and Healthy Emory and is open to all Emory University and Emory Healthcare benefits-eligible faculty and staff. 

Join us to be refreshed and inspired along this 30-day journey! Register now!