The prevalence of pre-diabetes among Emory

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March 21, 2018

Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital helps employees tackle pre-diabetes

The prevalence of pre-diabetes among Emory employees is estimated to be 28% (CDC Diabetes Prevention Impact Tool), this places many of our employees at a higher risk of stroke, heart attack or type 2 diabetes. To help address this critical health issue, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital's Congregational Health Ministry is currently piloting the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) for a group of its employees.
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Healthy Emory Connect: Add a friend or family member!
Did you know that you can invite up to 10 family members and/or friends to join Healthy Emory Connect and share in the fun? Family and friends will be able to participate in various health and wellness activities and challenges. Sign in and add a friend today.
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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Melissa Truelove
Melissa Truelove is celebrating five years as an Emory Wellness Champion. Learn about her role as an Animal Behavioral Management Specialist at Yerkes and her work as a Wellness Champion.
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Tips for addressing bullies in the workplace

Emory is not unlike most workplaces in America where uncivil behavior has an impact on the people within the organization. Uncivil behavior, or incivility, in the workplace may not be as straightforward as beating someone up for their lunch money; it often takes on more subtle forms such as rolling your eyes, turning away, finger pointing, teasing, or simply, not being available to help. Repeated disrespectful behavior aimed at a person over and over can be bullying.
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Try a Walking Meeting!
If you meet one-on-one with individuals or in small groups, walking meetings are a great way to add activity to your day without having to find extra time in your busy schedule. Need help getting started?
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Chef's Corner: Shrimp Wrap
This isn't your average veggie wrap! This shrimp wrap recipe doesn't skimp on the seasoning and gives you a dose of whole grains.
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There's still time to register for the Move More Challenge. Join Healthy Emory Connect and create or join a team today!

Need help updating your resume? Attend the "Making a Move Within: Tips for Resume Writing" webinar on Friday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m. or Wednesday, March 28 at 12:15 p.m.

Register for the "Run for Mercy 5K" on Saturday, March 24 at 8 a.m. This event supports Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital and Mercy Care Atlanta.

National Walking Day is Wednesday, April 4. Join us for a walk at various Emory locations.


Even though the Move More Challenge has started, it's not too late to purchase a Fitbit. Don't miss out on Emory's subsidized price for employees!

Wondering how you can help your department be more active during the workday? Invite us to a meeting to help you get started!

Spring is officially here! Learn what produce is in season today!

Looking for a new fitness facility? Emory has a new discount available with Vibe Ride. Learn more here.

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Take care of your vision and make an appointment with the Emory Eye Center this month!


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