Refresh From Stress: 30-Day Inspiration

Refresh From Stress: 30-Day Inspiration

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Refresh From Stress: 30-Day Inspiration is an exciting opportunity for Emory University and Emory Healthcare faculty and staff to engage in 30 simple steps to enhance emotional health.  Daily activities will promote self-care, mindfulness, social connections, gratitude and other inspirations to help you refresh from stress and increase resilience.

Activity Dates:
October 1-30, 2018

Who can participate?
Benefits-eligible Emory employees & pre-65 retirees (with Emory medical plan coverage).

How do I participate? 

Step 1: Register for Refresh From Stress (RFS) on Healthy Emory Connect (HEC) today!  Don’t have a HEC account?  Join now!

Step 2: Beginning October 1, login to HEC connect each day (via web or mobile app) to view the day’s activity in the calendar or on your daily cards.

Step 3:  Complete the day’s activity, and record your completion in the Refresh From Stress Challenge on HEC.

Step 4: Complete 15-25 activities to earn 10,000 points or complete 26-30 activities to earn 20,000 points! Participants who report “yes” to at least 26 activities will also be eligible for prize drawings.

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