Other Stress-Management Resources

Other Stress-Management Resources

Aetna Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Benefits-eligible employees/dependents can earn incentives through free online and telephonic coaching.  www.aetna.com; 1.866.213.0153

Financial Education, Caregiver Support, and Flexibility

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center offers financial programs as well as resources and services for child care, elder care, and workplace flexibility.

www.worklife.emory.edu; 404.727.8000


Emory Collaborative for Contemplative Studies offers meditation groups on the Emory University campus. www.emory.edu/ECCS/events/meditation_groups

Online Screening Tools

Available for confidential assessment of potential issues related to mental health and substance abuse.


Walking Groups

Emory staff, including Wellness Champions, offer walking groups at various times and locations throughout the year. 

Walking @ Emory