Therapeutic Group Offerings

Therapeutic groups are a very helpful form of treatment that may be utilized in place of or in addition to individual services. It can be especially beneficial to sit in a room with others who are facing similar issues, experiences and concerns. Groups offer the opportunity to share and grow with a small group of participants who have "been there" with a clinician who provides education and guidance. Groups can be purely supportive in nature, may be predominantly skills based, or most frequently a combination of both. Group members are prescreened by an FSAP clinician to determine appropriateness for group services and are then asked to commit to attending each session in the series (usually 6-8 sessions total).

After-Care Substance Abuse Support Group

This monthly group provides support to individuals who may need additional assistance in maintaining their commitment to an active individual alcohol or drug recovery program. Participants must complete a treatment program before participating in this Aftercare Group. (Screening interview is required).

Contact FSAP for group meeting times and to sign up.